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The wheels

The go-kart wheels currently produced are made from two different alloys, aluminium or magnesium, and must have a maximum diametre of 5”. The width of the wheels may be checked at any point of the competition: the template must pass liberally until the interior of its top side rests on the tyre.
The template can be introduced in at least three different points of the wheel circumference in order to prevent deformed readings based on local irregularities.
Wheels made of magnesium are about 35% lighter than those made of aluminium, they also bend less lengthwise and so the surface of the tyre functions better, in optimal conditions, with a lower internal air temperature. Magnesium is a very fragile material and even a small bump could break the rims. Aluminium rims are more elastic and thus are more suited to conditions of high grip.
The fixing of the wheels is most important and it should involve a safety system using nuts with split pin or auto blockage.