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The engines

The international categories are divided into 5 classes.

100 JUNIOR: a single cylinder engine without gear change, the emission of the piston liner and the cooling system are both exclusively air run. The combustion chamber volume is minimal, at 12cc. The maximum hp. is 100cc, with a minimum stroke of 46mm and a maximum of 54.5mm. The carburettor has a throttle valve with a maximum venturi of 24mm. The starter is electric and starting is dry clutch.

100 ICA : a single cylinder engine with lamellar suction, without gear change, water-cooled. The maximum hp. is 100cc. The carburettor with throttle valve of 24mm venturi.

125 ICC/S-ICC : a single cylinder engine with lamellar suction, water-cooled, with gear change with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 ratios. Maximum hp. 125cc. The carburettor is a 30mm VHSH Dell’Orto, a silencer homologated by the same manufacturer of the engine must be used, the minimum plate thickness is of 0.75mm.
The difference between ICC/S-ICC is in the type of tyres and in the minimum weight of the kart plus driver.