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The upkeep

It is very important to check the kart thoroughly before entering the track, we advise checking:

Braking system cable
Break pads
Steering tie-rods
Carriages and convergence
Nuts on wheels are well tightened
Tyres for wear
Petrol tube

After each event it is important to clean the frame and do a new check:
Clean and lubrificate all parts subject to friction ( bearings, articulated joints etc.)
Dismantle and clean suction silencer (inside and outside)
Clean and lubrificate chain

Once every fortnight it is very important to give the kart a more thorough checking over, replace the worn parts and give it a good clean.

Chain = replace
Brake pads = replace
Tank = clean interior
Float chamber = Clean interior
Petrol tube = replace
Accelerator cable = replace
Frame = check all nuts and bolts

Every six months we advise a thorough check on the braking system, replacing all washers, we also advise replacing the brake fluid.